What got me into working on computers

The first computer I purchased weighed more then a small car. It intrigued me so much in how it worked that I intentionally crashed the machine numerous times just to see if I could fix it. Once I got to the point that I understood exactly how this box/computer worked I started opening it up and upgrading parts and pieces to give it more power and capacity. Keep in mind back then it was K, KB and MB not GB and TB. It was also back in the 8” floppy disks. I started with DOS and did however upgrade to Windows 3.1 as soon as it came out.  I got to the point where I could work on any part of the computer blindfolded. The one thing I learned is they are not as fragile as they appeared to be. I have always been the curious type of personality. I was the kid that had to pull it apart just to see what makes things tick. And like Tim the tool man Taylor from the tv show Home Improvement I always wanted things to go faster and be better then when they were new. So I started working on the internals of desktops changing processors, graphic cards, ram memory chips and so on. Before I knew it I had people asking me questions like how can I get my computer faster and how do you do this or that. I started working on other peoples desktops upgrading this and that depending on their requests. I found something kind of calming about working on them especially when it was someone else’s money buying the parts and paying the bill. Don’t get me wrong I am a shopper. I always make sure the people get the best bang for their buck. It really irritates me to see good hard working people get ripped off by techs that have no problem taking all your money for doing very little.


Using Different Software

Once I got the internal hardware of the computers figured out it was time to start figuring out the software within the computer. I went through every single function of Microsoft Windows learning how to do this and that. I figured out functions that for a couple of years owning a computer had know idea the functions even existed. I then worked with MS Works and MS Office to learn every function and how they worked. Then I moved on to working with audio and video software which I really enjoyed. I installed a new capture card and a TV card right away. The  audio and video editing processes were what I really enjoyed. I took every family video I had and just started cutting and pasting things together to make a catalog of family DVD’s. It was fun and sure brought back some memories in the process. So I’m sure you can see the pattern forming here. I was a sponge learning everything I could about new technology. Well thats enough about me. Please check out my site, I hope you find something useful here for you.