What Inside My Computer?

Here are a few photos of the inside of a normal desktop and a laptop. I also included a couple of what I thought were cool virus based photos. There is also a photo of what a computer can look like inside over the months or years a computer is in use. I’m referring to the photo on the lower right corner. I stated months or years because depending on the environment a computer sits in the dust and cat or dog hair can build up very quickly inside of a computer case and laptop fan intake area. I have seen both desktops and laptops look exactly like this in less then 6 months of use. This can cause excessive heat and even component failure. Excessive heat is a killer, it can result in slow performance. I have even seen excessive build up of dust on a graphics card fan or laptop fan cause the computer to shut down randomly. If the processor cooling fan on a desktop or cooling fan on a laptop stop or are stopped by debris the computer will shut off suddenly without warning. It is wise to buy a can of static free air duster and blow your computer out periodically. This is a cheap way to keep things running smoothly.