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I have always enjoyed working out problems and solving
pc-repair-_fullmysteries. Well computers are a big mystery to most people. Most people can turn them on and check their email browse the internet and that’s about the extent of it. These same people are the ones that seem to crash their computers almost on a daily basis.  The one thing these people have to understand is that windows based operating systems do have a restore feature. What is that? What does it mean to me you ask? Well my theory about computers is this, it is very rare that you can crash a computer so bad that the factory system restore won’t fix the problem. Thats not to say it can’t happen, it just means that it is unlikely that it will with normal usage. Basically what I’m saying is if you have the right person fixing your computer it is rare it can’t be fixed. Sometimes though the fix might be more expensive then the computer is worth from a time involvement stand point. Even when the computer can’t be restored through the system restore software the owners personal information and file information is usually still intact. That means that their information can be moved from the existing drive and transferred back once the system has been nuked/erased and reinstalled. All program software that wasn't on the machine from the factory will need to be reinstalled though. The question is this, is the information locked inside the computer worth paying the money to recover. Speaking for myself yes it would be. I have a ton of family photos from way back when my kids were little that I would be more than willing to pay to retrieve. Just a little food for thought. Click the Laptop Mechanic to try some Quick Fixes.

Computer Virus Help

I got into fixing viruses completely by accident. Like most
virus-infected-laptop people I was on line one day and all of the sudden something popped up on the screen and it was like oh crap I just got a virus. I spent the next few days trying to figure out how to get rid of it. The first time was not very successful. The virus had corrupted the hard drive so bad even the system restore couldn’t fix it. I had to do a complete nuke and reinstall the operating system. It sucked but that’s the way it goes. I did how ever learn something the first time around. I figured out that I could pull the HD out of my infected computer and attach it to another and copy my folders over and at least save them. So I guess all was not lost literally.


I have put together some download links for some of the programs that I use the file-downloads-icon-33most. I use these programs quite regularly when I am working on a computer that has been infected by a virus, malware or one that is just running slow. All of these programs are free for all to use. I recommend using extreme caution when using Tweaking.com's all in one windows repair tool. One wrong setting can cause irreparable damage to your computer.