So many viruses to little time

The first virus got me thinking that maybe I should have a computer setup just for virus work. So I through a machine together just for testing my skills at removing viruses. It worked. I found and fought many different viruses from Malware to Trojan viruses and everything in between.

We can fix it

Shoot straight or shooting a curve

I have always considered myself to be a straight shooter when it comes to working on other peoples computers. I try to be honest and explain things in a way that technology challenged people can understand. If you start talking over peoples heads in terms they dont understand it tends to make them very uncomfortable. When I hand someone a bill I want them to be confident that I did perform the work I said I did. There are a lot of computer techs and IT people that are just out there to take your money. They will tell you anything to get into your pocket. One example is a family friend took two computers to a place to have viruses removed from them. They were charged $150.00 per computer to remove viruses from both computers. They payed their bill and took their computers home and the viruses were still on the computers doing the same thing as before this company worked on them. I heard about the situation they had went through and offered my assistance. They had no idea that I even worked on computers at the time. In about 15 minutes per computer I had them running like new. Not my words, theirs. I just couldn’t in good conscience do that to someone, especially a older retired couple. I didn’t charge them anything for fixing the computers because I felt the had already paid more then enough.

How sick is your computer

Knowing is half the battle when it comes to stopping a computer virus. I always tell people, If you suspect that something is wrong turn the computer off and get it to a reputable tech right away. The best case scenario is I turn it on and it was something running in the background slowing the computer down. I shut the item down and your on your way. The worst thing is a virus can corrupt your hard drive and causes catastrophic computer failure. One of the new ones is the Microsoft Virus Scam pop up. This is the backwards version of the Microsoft Support Scam phone calls. When you get the pop up scam virus a pop up window shows up telling you to call Microsoft because your computer is infected with a virus. If you call the number it is one of the same groups that is running the Microsoft Support Phone Scam. You can find more information on this in the Download section of my sight. My suggestion is you read that section carefully because these types of scams are becoming more and more common.
Sick computer

What can a virus attack?

Computer viruses are a lot like people viruses, they will attack any part of the system. The people that create them are just as smart as the people that design the software that they are attacking or the virus software designed to stop them. Most of the time its someone that feels they have been wronged in some way and thinks I’ll fix them type of deal. Most viruses are designed to attack your primary windows operating system files as well as files in the restore folders. If the virus completely infects the operating system and restore files there is virtually no effective way to do a system restore. Essentially the restore files are corrupted too. It is best if you think your computer has been infected by a virus that has went through your anti virus software you should shut it down right away. Take it to someone that understands how viruses attack and how to stop them. Viruses can also greatly effect your Internet browser Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, and so on. These types of viruses will reset your home page, cause continuous pop ups and what the call redirects. A redirect is when your on lets say MSN’s home page and you click a link on the page and it goes to a strange random website. Redirects can also happen when you search for something. Your results list may or may not display. If it displays the correct list of results that is great but, when you click anything in the list it goes to some random website. One example is you would end up on a page like fastsfind, icityfind etc. These are just a few of many redirect location these redirect viruses will take you.